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Kim’s top 5 linens around the home

Selected from the lavish Sferra linen line, these high-end collections infuse colors, patterns and texture into your space, bringing it all together with impeccable style. Our very own Kim Collins, a Florida licensed interior designer with many years of experience designing interiors worldwide, has curated this top-5 list for those who desire the finest when complementing their home décor. Each piece—upheld by Sferra’s illustrious history, spanning over 125 years: See Kim’s Favorites

Behind our designs

Alina Dolan, our project leader and interior designer, uses inspiration from clients and travel to add personal touches to each space — honing in on her client’s desire to create one-of-a-kind designs. We interviewed her to get an insider’s perspective on life as an interior designer. Q & A

Proof of the power of design

We collaborated with Taylor Morrison to build the recently-completed Mancino home, located in The Esplanade. After completing construction, we installed furniture, bedding, lamps, art and accessories with Jennifer Davison as our project’s head designer. The remodeling also included bath accessories, tabletop, kitchenware and dishware, resulting in cutting-edge style in each and every detail.