Our favorite season is award season!

Award season is off to a great start. Among the most prestigious honors in our industry are the Aurora Awards, presented annually at the Southeast Building Conference by the Florida Home Builders Association. We are grateful to announce we took home one Grand Aurora and three Silver Aurora awards! Winning these awards means the quality of our work has been recognized for excellence among thousands of builders, designers, architects and other industry professionals across the entire southeastern United States as well as the eastern Caribbean.

Sherri DuPont, our president, and senior designer, Amy Coslet, were awarded the Grand Aurora for “Best Bath Design of a Custom Home” for their Corsini Lane project in Mediterra in Naples, Florida. The project also garnered two Silver Aurora Awards—one for “Best Interior Design of a Custom Home Priced Over $2,000,000” and the second for “Best Kitchen Design of a Custom Home Priced Over $2,000,000.”

“A project this large is two-plus years in the making,” Amy tells us, “And we grew to know the clients as friends.”

The homeowners’ lifestyle preferences—ranging from gatherings of their 12-plus family members to intimate daily “Zen” moments—inspired the Corsini Lane custom home’s interior elements. Amy describes the aesthetic as “a touch of elegance with a transitional coastal flair.” The open space of the kitchen with the great room allowed placing custom sofas back to back to create two sitting areas next to the dining room. Many of the fabrics used are not only plush, but also performance, so they are grandkid-friendly.

A deep sense of calm pervades the 17,220-square-foot home while showcasing Collins DuPont’s iconic ceiling designs with a layered mix of materials and texture. The family’s new sanctuary boasts timeless millwork details, speaking a contemporary language of glittering light fixtures and jaw-dropping statement spaces.

“The woodwork is extraordinary. I love the ceiling details and the wall paneling,” Amy reveals. “A master carpenter worked on this home for eight solid months to achieve the level of detail. The decorative lighting also stands out. We tried to achieve a balance of custom crystal fixtures that are not overly formal so they flow with the general feeling of the home.”

Lana Knapp, senior designer, won a Silver Aurora Award for “Best Interior Design of a Spec Home Priced Over $2,000,000” for her Ridgeway Estates project in Pine Ridge Estates in Naples, Florida. Lana’s outstanding use of rich, layered colors and bold materials balances sweet sophistication with livable luxury in the 8,600-square-foot residence. Each space throughout the estate delicately plays with gorgeous lighting selections and refined furnishings.

Let’s see what the coming season brings for your friends here at Collins DuPont!