Why does lighting design matter?

Aesthetics are one reason well-planned lighting is important when thinking about building or remodeling your home, but there are several other factors you should consider:

1. Mood and Ambiance

Lighting in a space should evoke the desired feeling you want when enjoying a room. If the goal is bright and airy, bring in a balanced combination of natural and artificial light to illuminate the space. Are you looking to create a moody study? Consider a single statement decorative chandelier or a combination of smaller fixtures throughout that set the tone.  Selecting the right color temperature for the bulbs is a crucial element in dictating mood and ambiance as well.

2. Enhances Functionality of a Room

The proper lighting  makes everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable. Applying make-up, doing laundry, and working from home can all be improved when the correct lighting fills the space. 

3. Maximizes Space

Illuminating dark areas or using strategies like uplighting and wall washing will make your home feel more open and spacious.

4. Aesthetics and Visuals

From highlighting artwork and architectural features to enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal, the right lighting can help showcase focal points in a room.

Overall, lighting is key to creating a harmonious, functional, and visually appealing home. A well planned design impacts and enhances your day-to-day satisfaction and enjoyment of your home. 

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