Design Trends to Watch: A Q&A with the Collins & DuPont Design Team

Integrate the old with the new in your accessories

Integrate the old with the new in your accessories

Design Trends to Watch: A Q&A with the Collins & DuPont Design Team

With peak season around the corner and many winter residents seeking to update their look, we at Collins & DuPont have received a number of questions about what’s in, what’s out, and what’s trending now in the home design industry. To answer those questions for our clients and readers, Collins & DuPont’s Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Jessica Dodge, sat down with our lead designers to answer those questions and here’s what our award-winning teams had to say about design trends to watch this season.

Q: What style of interior design is trending right now?

A: While the trend towards contemporary is still strong, we are seeing strong nods to Classicism returning. This is presenting through mixed use of classic, straight line furniture with the addition of occasional antiques and family heirlooms of all periods and ethnicity. Modern day “contemporary” is translating to a more eclectic mix of young and old pieces that showcase both past and present.

Q: What about furniture? Are there any trends to watch or consider?

A: Repurposing old or existing pieces is becoming quite popular and is a great way to give any room a fresh eye, simply by moving a piece to another space. By investing in good furniture that will transcend fads, and pieces you absolutely love that have the quality to be passed from generation to generation, the integrity of the piece will uphold and add an essence of character to any room it’s showcased in throughout the years.

Tone down the red by swapping to corals and rusts

Tone down the red by swapping to corals and rusts


Q: What color trends are you all noticing for the season?

A: Out with the reds and golds and in with butter-cream and citrus tones! Use tangerine and coral instead of red and consider mixing those hues with aqua, amethyst, and soft a mixed palette of soft whites. We are seeing a very strong use of amethyst, lilac, and periwinkle as well as cool reds like raspberry and plumb combined with a mixture of crisp linens and warm gray tones as well.



Q: What about white? As we all know, there are a hundred shades of white. Can you all recommend a good go-to?

A: “Chantilly Lace” by Benjamin Moor is the white of preference for most homes. Although there are countless shades of white, this one is almost always the perfect background color for trim and cabinetry.


Try mixing metallic tones in unexpected mediums, like upholstery

Try mixing metallic tones in unexpected mediums, like upholstery

Q: What about accent pieces and hardware? What’s trending there?

A: Mix your metals! It is no longer necessary to have all silver or all gold. Again, we say be fearless in approach. Don’t be afraid to mix light bronze with gold and brass with silver, etc. Consider this the accent jewelry of your décor and go with it.


"Less is More" in this simple, white kitchen

“Less is More” in this simple, white kitchen










Q: What about accessorizing my house? Any recommendations?

A: We are all seeing that it is time for many homeowners, including ourselves, to “de-clutter” those spaces around the home collecting dust. Remove all those silk plants off the plant ledges and the forest from your living room. Remove accessories and rotate the placement of key sentimental pieces. Also remove all those pillows with the matted fringes from the sofa and bed. “Less is More” is the mantra in style.

Q: How about lighting trends? Any changes there?

A: Try changing out the shades on heavy, overdone old world lamps with spruce up a space. We also recommend adding glass or crystal to a well lit room to reflect the sunlight and enhance the natural ambiance of the space. What about the natural Florida sunshine? Remove heavy draperies that block the beautiful view and all that light. Windows need nothing more than innocuous sun shades for sun control and side panels to frame your view and help with the acoustics in a room with high ceilings.

Let in the light!

Let in the light! These tall windows aren’t hindered by draperies – flooding this Master Suite with natural light.

All and all, the trends of the season are about brightening up your home with enhanced light, softer color hues and less clutter, while adding sophistication and maintaining the warmth through use of old and new pieces throughout.

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