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Delivery day and the reveal — the most exciting part of our job

The big reveal is the day every designer looks forward to. But before champagne bottles are popped and happy tears are flowing, months of planning and a well-choreographed delivery takes place.

An initial budget study, developing the scope of work, drawings, measuring, selections are just the beginning of what goes in to the magical moment when a homeowner sees new space for the first time. After months of meetings, careful preparations and countless hours of hard work the final step before the big reveal is the delivery.

Deliveries are the culmination of designers, movers, contractors and service techs performing a wonderful dance: moving and placing the client’s furnishings, finishes and accessories into the home. To an untrained eye deliveries can seem hectic, but to our experienced and well-prepared designers it is when months of hard work come to life.

Deliveries can take place over the span of three days up to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of the project. It is far more than moving furniture into a space. “Some are shocked at the number of binders we bring to a job site on delivery day,” says designer Jen Davison. “But every little detail is accounted for in all of the documentation.”

As the delivery unfolds, hand selected art, perfectly pressed linens and beautiful accessories make their way to their designated spots. The finishing touches are added and what began as a conceptual sketch becomes a tangible space full of beautiful colors, textures and features. Then it is finally time for what Kim Collins considers, “the most rewarding part of being an interior designer — seeing the client in awe of their new home”.

The day of the client walk through you can feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. It’s been months of working closely together, communicating often and getting to know one another. The time has finally arrived, champagne is poured and jaws drop as the designer walks the client through their new home. Every room has an iconic design — and every piece a purpose. The once small square fabric swatches and single piece of tile have transformed into an incredible space. Tears are shed as the homeowner realizes this is their home and it is everything they hoped for — and more.