Delight Your Guests With Easy Design Updates

It seems the holidays and Florida winter are approaching faster than ever before. Our clients are settling into the Sunshine State for clear skies and breezy afternoons—and to avoid the cold, snowy winter. Undoubtedly, your social circle will be smaller this season but now, more than ever, having guests and company feels good, even if we do have to “social distance.”

We always get phone calls about what can be done before the holidays or before guests arrive. We know it’s hard to start a project with everything happening, but there are ways to make quick and effortless updates before the family knocks at the door!

If your walls could talk, they would tell you they are the answer! You may have thought a new rug or new throw pillows would be enough, but to make an immediate and impactful alteration to a room, look at your walls. There are three ways to achieve this, even before the holidays!

1. We can help transform your dining room or family room with a fresh coat of our favorite current Sherwin Williams paint colors. With so many crisp neturals you’ve never seen before, warming up or cooling down a room is an easy task for us. Because of our high standard for professional and experienced painters, we have the best on hand, proven to be thorough, tidy and performance-driven.

2. Whether your guests are dropping by for a quick air hug or staying with you, the powder bath is a great place to make an impact. Since these baths are typically smaller in square footage than the other bathrooms, wallpaper is the ultimate solution for quick, effective updates. We have designed statement powder baths using lots of stunning wall coverings.

The wallpaper industry has mirrored the vast array of current design styles with so much to offer. Glam and glitter, formal and sophisticated, earthy and coastal all have thousands of papers to choose from. Hanging wallpaper is quick, clean and (in most cases) extremely quiet! All the attributes of a quick, easy makeover! Take a look at some of our favorite statement wallpapers:

3. The final way to makeover your wall is simply adding artwork. More than ever, we are working with our favorite local artists and galleries to put the final touches on your projects. Original artwork brings meaning to a room, it makes a statement and, above all, artwork should always be a conversation starter. Selecting artwork can be a challenge for some of our clients who are daunted by correct scale, color and balance, but that’s where we have you covered! Take a look at some of our most statement-worthy walls: