Bringing Italy to You

As we continue to reflect on this year, one of the most greatly missed elements of our “normal” life is travel. Staying close to home has inevitably become the theme for 2020, leaving little other option than reminiscing on trips abroad through old photos. Our designers rely on travel to freshen their inspiration and to seek out the newest home treasures to offer our clients. Although we can’t physically wander through French museums or meander down the canal-lined streets of Venice this year, we can recall past trips which have resulted in some of the best finds. Our vice president and principal designer, Kim Collins, reminded us of a wonderful trip to Venice and, through our designer concierge services, offers to bring Italy’s finest to you!

Kim’s serendipitous stroll through Venice’s intimate streets found her in a wonderful home linen atelier. Walking into a showroom so beautifully merchandised is always a treat for a designer, but this experience was far more than average. Greeted by the warmest welcome of knowledgeable brand ambassadors, Kim was offered an espresso or champagne. This is a lovely tradition overseas; the thought is to make you feel at home, comfortable and welcomed. With her first few steps inside the crisp white showroom, Kim knew she had just struck gold.

Every corner of the space was simply elegant, with a breadth of offerings ranging from boudoir satin to refined and whimsical collections, all with luxury in common. The quality of the linen offerings were just to die for and the richest, most elegant that Kim has ever found. During a lovely conversation throughout her showroom tour, Kim learned the company was founded in 1870, originally set to revive the Italian heritage skill of lacemaking in an ancient, abandoned church. The success of the company led to additional workshops employing over 3,000 artisan lacemakers and, in 1929, they became the official supplier for the Italian royal family. There was no doubt in Kim’s mind these exquisite collections made in Italy were the highest quality made by the most experienced at their craft.

Our designers have always found quality linens are more than just a finishing touch on a project. They could be the most intimate element of a home—fibers hugging the skin and providing our clients with exactly what Kim felt in the showroom: comfort and welcome. Often, we hear from our clientele finding great linens is a challenge, so they entrust the task to us. We are most excited when a showroom such as this not only offers the most beautiful collections but also an unlimited amount of customizations. The ability to change colors, embroideries and patterns is just the beginning of what our new gateway to Italy can achieve!

We know your international travel is currently paused, but we dream of a day in the near future when we can again curiously venture to new, unexplored places. In the meantime, we are thrilled to be able to bring a Venetian staple to your home, with the same personal shopping and custom experience that Kim enjoyed.