Love Your Lighting

Brilliant ideas shine through

There is no way around it—we love lighting. Pairing lighting perfectly with each room’s function is an art, and the artists at Collins DuPont Design Group love the classic combo of the dining room and a statement light fixture. We are meticulous when it comes to designing or updating the dining room because it’s where we share laughter and love with our family and friends. In a place most likely near the center of the home, the dining room light fixture is one of the most important lighting selections we make.

Style, finish, scale, lumens, temperature and hanging heights are just some of the many, many elements we take into consideration while sourcing lighting, not to mention its partner, the dining table! But this critical pairing isn’t just for new construction projects. New lighting in a slightly dated space is a great way to achieve an impactful makeover. We’ve pulled our most beloved dining room and statement fixture combos to shine a little light on your inspiration!

Abstract Illumination

The light fixtures are works of art, perfectly at ease adjacent contemporary paintings in these gallery-inspired niches.

Spheres of Influence

In this menagerie of lights, take note of all the circular and ellipitcal lines that create a soothing visual rhythm.

Gilded Organic

Natural forms and materials as well as walls adorned with the chandelier’s golden hues create an enchanting, dramatic storybook mood.

Castaway Cool

One can imagine discovering this space on a faraway island, hidden by lush tropical foliage and lit by sun reflected off the ocean.

Earthly Comforts

Warm earth tones in the furnishings and wood of the flooring and table are graced by the translucence from the delicate light fixtures.


Floating Above

Saucer-shaped orbs hover like paper sky lanterns in an ethereal pattern over the grounded solid wood of the table and chairs.


Tasting Room

Bold clean lines and powerful metal fixtures express dedication to the sublime pleasures of wine and food.

Crown of Light

The circular golden-toned chandelier with gem-like luminaries finds a kingly partner in the round table below.

Magnificently Minimal

Angles, circles and irregular shapes come together harmoniously in geometric perfection.

Triple Play

The power of three clearly commands attention, allowing the table to become a neutral canvas for understated, artful centerpieces.